Museum Bonaire

- Free entry! (donations always welcome)
- Open Tuesday to Saturday from 10 to 4 and on cruise boat days, so when you are around on a Sunday or Monday and you see a big cruiseship (or when you come from one) just come over for a visit!

The Bonaire Museum of Natural History is located on Kaya J.C. van der Ree in Kralendijk, Bonaire. It's built in 1885 by a Venezuelan plantation owner and was bought by the Herrera family, one of the influential families on Bonaire. At that time, the house was called the 'Van der Ree house'. The house became a small shop with goat meat from the Washington plantation, charcoal, vegetables, canned food and later on also beer.

Nowadays this beautiful plantation town house is one of the historical monuments of Bonaire and it houses the Bonaire Museum of Natural History. It is a nice and cosy museum and shows many things you can or could see on Bonaire like Indian artefacts, shells and sea animals, birds of Bonaire, corals, fossils of shells, tools used on the plantations, antique bottles and much more.


You haven't seen a lionfish while diving or snorkling on Bonaire? While this fish is not wanted on the island - because they eat all the original reef fish - it is one of the most beautiful fish out there. In the museum is a big salt water aquarium with some lionfish.

The museum also has a collection of shells and corals, as well as information about fish and crabs of Bonaire.

Old tools

In the museum you can see tools that have been used on Bonaire, like a donkey plow, grinding stones, pots and pans and of course bottles to keep water and a bit of rum.

The museum has some nice Indian artefacts that give a bit of an insight of what the Indians used and ate.